New Review & Other Tidbits

Wine blogger Keith Hoffman at Brain Wines updated his review of our 2008 Doctor’s Vineyard Pinot Noir after re-tasting the wine recently. Here’s what he said back in November 2009:


Nose:   Crisp, plum-steeped, spring water. Elegant leathers. Light lavender. Violets. Candy.

Taste:  Clean, amazingly so. Smooth plum and light spice. Mature earth.  Mature cherry. Perfect structure and sexy mouthfeel.

Overall:  Astounding.  97.


And here’s what he had to say after opening a second bottle last week:


Nose:   Nose notes same as above, but some of the crisp wafts have tamed a bit.  This is a broader, red berries and lush earth, nose that has deep cigar and spice box now.

Taste:  If anything this baby has sexed up even more. This is amazing.  Wow and wow.

Overall:  Astounding.  98.  This pinot is off the charts, I hope they keep this quality up for the 2009 vintage, and I can’t wait to try their new Zins as well.  Buy this wine.  Yes, $52, but it all goes to charity.


Otherwise, a selection of short tidbits for your information and enjoyment:

Police Blotter

We’ve written before about the charms of Healdsburg as typified in the weekly paper’s Police Blotter.  This item jumped out at us this week:


Thursday July 22nd, 5:15am – A woman on Heron Street told police that she had received an annoying phone call from an unknown caller, but it was later determined that she may have dreamt it.


Gotta love it!


2009 Pinots

We’re back at the winery to make last minute blends on our 2009 pinots this week with bottling scheduled for August 30.  Maybe we’re drinking our own Kool-Aid, but the 2009’s are drinking better now that the 2008’s did at this time last year.  Hopefully that trend continues as we begin the bottle aging process.  We’re tentatively looking at late November for a release date – and maybe even a release party in San Diego!


Dry Creek Kitchen

Had dinner this week at Dry Creek Kitchen.  Served to confirm our belief that it’s the best dinner spot in Sonoma county.  Neighboring Cyrus gets all of the acclaim, but you can’t beat Dry Creek Kitchen for consistently great food, sophisticated yet friendly service, and a wine list that is deep with local Sonoma county gems offered with minimal mark-up.  Wish we could say the same of Cyrus, but all we can tell you is that it’ll cost you twice as much and it's not even close to being twice as good.


2010 Harvest

It’s been a cold California summer, even up here in Healdsburg.  Last year, we saw regular daily highs in the mid-90’s and a few days over 100 degrees.  This year, it has been mostly low to mid-80’s.  Much more comfortable for us, but not so great for the grapes.  After a ton of winter and spring rain, the grapes are still waiting to go through verasion (turning to red from green).  Most growers are telling us that they need to start dropping fruit in the hope of getting the rest of the crop to ripen in a reasonable time.  The concern is that if the grapes take too long to ripen and push harvest into late October, there’s an increasing chance of rain, which can lead to mildew and rot.  Not a good thing unless you really like dessert wines.  We’ll keep you posted.