Ode to Healdsburg

We spent this past weekend at our place in Healdsburg.  It was great to bring the kids back to their "wine cottage" and have them participate in exciting events like the Pumpkin Car Race at the farmer's market (see a picture of our entry at the bottom of the post), and a real harvest party at Mauritson Wines. For those of you who have visited Healdsburg, you're likely well versed in it's main attraction - being at the crossroads of the Dry Creek Valley, the Alexander Valley, and the Russian River Valley.  Ready access to world class food and wine is certainly what draws most people to this little slice of heaven.

And there is no denying that that was the main attraction for us initially.  But as we spend more time here, other things pop up that make this place so special for us.  One of the quirks I look forward to every time we visit is reading the Healdsburg Police Log that is published by the local newspaper in town.  Nothing, it seems, sums up this community better than reading the weekly list of crimes and misdemeanors.

An exerpt for your reading pleasure (presented without edit or comment):

Tuesday October 13, 11:16pm:  A woman asked police to check on her husband on Stirrup Loop after she was unable to get him on the phone, but the man had only been sleeping.

Wednesday October 14, 8:51am:  A called told police that some "plants of concern" had been found on University Avenue.

Wednesday October 14, 8:35pm:  A caller told police that a woman was sitting in her car at a Healdsbrug Avenue fast food restaurant drive-through and was refusing to pull out into the parking lot to wait for her order.

Thursday October 15, 11:43pm:  A caller told police that two teenage boys were drinking on Hassett Lane.

Saturday October 17, 10:57am:  A man told police that someone had dug a hole under his fence.

Saturday October 17, 11:56pm:  A man on Johnson Street told the police that someone had stolen his marijuana.


Really, how can you not love a town when the residents actually report their stolen pot to the cops?

Check out our pumpkin car below.  We came in second place in our racing heat.  Unfortunately, there were only two cars racing in our heat...


Pumpkin car

You can click here if you can't see the picture.