The Dreamy Mr. Florence

A few years ago, I used to tease my husband that Tyler Florence was my #2 fantasy.  I’d imagine myself decked out in La Perla and Laboutins, whipping up something splendid in my kitchen, when I’m interrupted by the doorbell chime.  When I opened the door, a hunky Tyler Florence would be lazily leaning against the doorframe, smiling, a la Food 911 on the Food Network.  So when I saw Mr. Florence working his app station at Pigs and Pinot this past weekend, I was like a fanatical teenager yearning to reach out and touch Justin Beiber at a radio promotion.  I sauntered over to his station, all composed and friendly, requesting a photo.  As Mr. Florence leaned in for the shot, I put my arm around him, in a half-nelson.  I looked at him sternly and growled, “Now pretend like you like me.”  Click!  Behold my second celebrity paparazzi shot (below).  After famously and incorrectly insisting Apolo Anton Ohno was in my track club, I needed the irrefutable evidence of Mr. Florence’s and my love fest.  I wonder if I am on his Facebook page, too?  Adding snapshots with Mr. Florence and Gary Pisoni to two ten minute phone conversation with Josh Jensen, I calculate that I am a solid 8 seconds of fame ahead of Kathy Griffin’s Big-D-List-Celebrity-Life. Oh yes, his food was pretty fabulous, too.




(Written with apologies to the dreamy Mr. Florence who was beyond kind and gracious to everyone he met at the event).