Bruliam Name That Celebrity Contest

This past weekend, Kerith and I attended the Family Winemakers of California event in Del Mar.  While there, we were thrilled to meet one of our pinot idols.  We were even more thrilled that he was willing to take some time to talk to us and pose for the picture shown below.  If there ever was a California pinot celebrity, this is he. So, the question is - do you recognize this gregarious, notorious king of CA pinotdom?  The first person to correctly identify him in the comments section will win $250 for the charity of his/her choice.  Remember, please note your answer in the comments section so that your answers and timing are transparent.

If you can't see the picture, or to enter an answer in the comments section, please click here.

Good luck!



UPDATE 3/20/09:  Congratulations to Jocelyn A. for correctly identifying our celebrity "get" as famed pinot producer/grower Gary Pisoni.  Jocelyn has chosen the Central Asia Institute to be the recepient of her $250 prize.