Our Next Release Opens September 5th

I’m a California girl.  Heck, I’m a Sonoma girl, a Sonoma girl with a soft spot for white Burgs.   Heady, citrus driven aromatics and that zippy minerality make me swoon.  So for my inaugural chardonnay, I tried to channel some of the same energetic verve, finesse, and focus that makes Chablis sing - but with Cali grapes.  Sure, I know it can’t be done, but I can certainly pay homage to the Burgundians, on my own terms.  My 2017 Heintz Vineyard chardonnay bursts with lemon blossom, citrus zest and hints of white flowers.  Linear and lean, this chard balances a long finish, vibrant acidity and great palate texture with pinpoint precision.  Imagine lemon curd with graham cracker crumbles.  Oh yeah!  OK, so if a fat, buttery, super round chardonnay is like Pam Anderson in Baywatch, mine is more like – say Audrey Tautou in Amelie.  Stylish and quirky, bright and food-friendly, this is the chardonnay that I want to drink with dinner.

And now I’ll divulge a deep dark secret about the 2016 Torrey Hill.  My 19 years husband and soul mate since 10th grade conveniently “forgot” to tell me he submitted this wine to Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate for review, since he thought it would bomb.  When it outscored every vintage to date (nice!) he said, “I’m surprised, since I didn’t think this wine was very good.”  Now that Brian is back from the doghouse, he can tell you all about the importance of time and bottle aging.  Flavors, aromatics, and mouth feel take time to settle into a cohesive unit.  Today, this wine seriously knocks his socks off.  It’s a crowd pleaser, classic RRV, with plenty of red fruit and spice.  And violets.  I swear I get those ethereal violets.

The 2016 Rockpile zin pushes into plum and darker fruit territory with great accents of tobacco, cedar, and spice.  I'd call this more claret-style since it’s screaming out for veal chops or braised meat.  Some zins are hot, and some are viscous and thick.  Mine goes with roast chicken.  You’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again, “No slutty zin.”  Period.

Thank you for your continued support.  Making wine is a joy.  But sharing it connects us all.  Here’s to your next dinner and excellent palate memory.

Look for release information and allocation emails right after Labor Day.