10 Years of Bruliam Wines

Ten years of Bruliam Wines is a shocking reality check.  I certainly don’t feel 10 years older.  But 10 years of Bruliam means the kids have evolved from toddlers to tweens & teens, and our reach has expanded from three San Diego restaurants to bicoastal distribution.  Ten years means we have donated over 500 magnums (and consumed quite a few ourselves- you know, “quality control”).   Ten years of our charitable mandate encompasses over 80 unique charities, each selected by you, our allocation members and restaurant partners.  Ten years has stabilized our grower relationships with consistent vineyard partners.   Extraordinary, top-notch fruit is guaranteed, and my Bruliam “house style” always shines through.  After ten years of winemaking, I now offer advice as often as I seek mentorship.  My work is collaborative; I am a teacher, too.

Ten years means I have experienced almost every bottling mishap, from a busted conveyor belt (with my wine imprisoned in the hoses) to ill-fitting foils.  Oh yeah, and not enough foils.  Or glass.  I have misread texts about harvest yields and killed fermentation by overheating.  (Wrapping bins with hot, hydroponic growing mats and reflective, silver insulation seemed like a good idea.  2011 was a darned cold year).  I have sprayed myself in the face with a hose every year, for ten consecutive harvests.  But now I just laugh it off and forge ahead.  I am comfortable with my craft.  Nobody loves harvest more than I.

Ten years, and I am still learning, perfecting my wines.  With each harvest, I strive to experiment and play and run trials.  Ten years and I still get a kick out of confronting a puncheon with a fire axe or shoveling out tanks faster than my harvest intern.  But most importantly, after ten years, I am still in love with my job.  I could not imagine being anything other than a winemaker.  And still, we evolve.

To celebrate 10 years of Bruliam, our website, logo, and labels have evolved, too.  The new label feels more mature and elegant, while maintaining our iconic burgundy background, since the color stands out beautifully in a crowd.  The single dot/double-dot motif is repurposed, adding flourish to expansive script.  But they still represent the same ideal: family, the kids, our boy and the twins.  We’ve scooted the Bu box to the top to emphasize the actual name of our winery- Bruliam.  We intend to check the number of drunks shouting, “Dude, it’s the boo wine!” at local tastings.  We are more than just a Halloween intoxicant. “Boo” jokes were entertaining in 2009.  Now, not so much. 

Label transition.jpg

You can look for the new labels to make their debut in the Spring 2018 Release - with our Rose of Pinot Noir.

Even our website is new and improved.  More functional and easier to read, the new site showcases our vineyards more prominently.  The interface is better too.  The old site felt stale, pixelated and dated.  At least we never succumbed to tinny, synthesizer background music or dancing grape cartoons.  Yet despite the cosmetic changes, the greatest constant is you.  Luckily, I still feel personally connected to most everyone who buys my wines.  And I am grateful for it.  So here’s to another 10 years of Bruliam.  We invite you to uncork a bottle of  “boo wine” and toast to table fellowship- sharing terrific vino with the friends and family you love.

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