The Name of the New Vineyard Is......

With our start to harvest a few days away, we thought this was a good time to unveil the new name of our pinot noir vineyard in the Russian River Valley. The name we’ve chosen is…(drum roll please)….

Torrey Hill Vineyard

The name “Torrey” pays homage to the Torrey Pine which is a rare, endangered tree that is found exclusively in our native La Jolla and is also the mighty mascot of our shared alma mater, La Jolla Country Day School.  Kerith and I met there in 10th grade, and yes, we were undeniably cool as a bunch of fighting trees!  The Hill part is easy.  The vineyard sits above the valley floor.

We’ve just submitted our paperwork on the name change to the Russian River Valley Winegrowers Association, and we’re looking forward to our first Torrey Hill harvest next week.