A Bruliam Wedding

Wine can inspire many things....especially love. For those of you who have followed the Bruliam story from the beginning, you may remember this Bruliam Brigade picture submitted by Miles and Savannah in NY's Times Square in 2008.


Well, fast forward four years to the following email which popped into our inbox last week:

"Hi Brian,

Greetings from sunny, beautiful Boston!

I am writing with some news that I think you'll find interesting and, at the very least, amusing.

On May 26th of this year, I married an awesome girl by the name of Savannah. You've seen her picture before in an odd way - she was the girl that I took a photo with back in 2008 in Times Square to enter one of the Bruliam photo contests. As fate would have it, Savannah moved out to NY shortly after that photo was taken, we later moved up to Boston together, and soon thereafter I proposed. Our wedding was in the Colorado Rockies in a town called Tabernash, about 70 miles west of Denver.

At the wedding, Savannah's maid of honor (ironically her name is Georgia) made a speech that relied heavily on the "early days," back to Times Square and Bruliam Wines. Georgia took that picture of us in Bruliam t shirts and used the experience to tell everyone that this is when she first knew that we were going to end up together. She proceeded to present us with a few bottles of Bruliam wine from which she made a toast. I know - what a showoff. But it was quite honestly one of the best wedding speeches I've ever heard and, in a strange way, Bruliam was a part of it."

And they were kind enought to include a picture from the wedding:


Needless to say, there wasn't a dry eye at Bruliam world headquarters upon reading this email and seeing this picture.

We wish the newlyweds lots of love, happiness, and many more wine memories to come!


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