Gap's Crown Vineyard Visit

Early summer is a beautiful and busy time in the vineyard. Shoot placement and thinning informs berry development, since May's springtime leaves mature into the photosynthetic engine of the vine. Compared to the blazing California poppies dotting the meadows, vineyard bloom is virtually microscopic and visually underwhelming. Yes it's critically important, but I'd rather waste time watching the slender green shoots wave in the breeze. Days here are warm but not too hot, so daydreaming in the vineyard is a charmed way to pass an hour or two, especially down at Gaps Crown.  Last week I met up with Mike Cybulski and Anthony Weytjens from Atlas Vineyard Management for my first vineyard walk of 2012. Bruliam is honored to partner with such dedicated, knowledgeable, and meticulous grape growing professionals. We walked the Bruliam blocks together, and Mike and Anthony kindly agreed to some face time on our website. In return, they got to barrel taste my 2011 Gaps. But the vineyard crew feels gipped. They are holding out for homemade cupcakes. If you can't see the video below, please click here