Vote Now For Your Favorite Brigade Member

It's time for another Bruliam Charity Giveaway Poll - so start clicking. The winner of the poll gets $250 for the charity of their choice!!

To vote all you need to do is: (1) click on the bullet next to the person’s name and (2) click the big VOTE button at the bottom of the poll. The poll will instantly update the tally and show you the most current results. If the system works properly, you will only be able to vote once. But, you can forward the link or this e-mail to as many people as you want to get them to vote for you.

The poll will only be open for voting until 8am on Wednesday December 7th so get voting!

If you can’t see the poll or vote properly through the e-mail, please CLICK HERE and you can vote on the website.

If you have a Bruliam t-shirt, send us a picture for a chance to win some money for your favorite charity. And if you still don't have a t-shirt, click here and register to become part of the Bruliam Brigade.

Finally - don't forget to share this with your friends through the Facebook and Twitter sharing options on the top of the page!


Update 1/5/2011:  After a fierce battle between Lucy and Don for supremacy in the voting, Lucy came out on top.  She's chosen to have the $250 donated to the La Jolla Country Day School Development Fund.  But, Don's efforts were so impressive that we also decided to award him with $150 towards a charity of his choice.  He chose the Wounded Warrior Project.  Great job guys!



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