Bruliam Proves Wine's Health Benefits




Many thanks to Brigade member Bob N. and his trainer Brian B. who prove that Bruliam Wines is, in fact, good for your health. 

Here's what Bob wrote when he sent in these great pictures:


I never hold a personal trainer responsible for my BMI, but professional trainer Brian B. is in charge of my flexibility and is responsible for making sure I can lift a case of Pinot Noir onto or off of a shelf. Brian says that if I don't square up my posture, I will hurt myself being lopsided. One day I wore a Bruliam Wines shirt to a training session and Brian said "This Bruliam shirt is perfect because you can look in the mirror and use the parallel lines of that logo to keep upper body properly aligned when you do upper body resistance training."


Wow - who knew that Bruliam Wines would be solely resposible for proving once and for all that wine is good for your health?  And what better way to recover from a vigorous workout than to recover with a glass of Bruliam pinot?