Wine Blog Award Nominations

It's time again for the annual Wine Blog Awards.  We're thrilled to announce that we've been nominated in two of the top categories - Best Writing on a Wine Blog and Best Overall Wine Blog!! How, you might ask, did we come to be nominated for these prestigious awards?  Well, we nominated ourselves.  'Cause that's how we roll.   

An unidentified panel of judges will cull the list of nominations and pick five finalists in each category.  Finalists will be announced at the end of April and public voting will begin in late May.  We don't expect to be named as a finalist, but thought you'd find our nomination submission amusing. 

And if you want to read a skewering of the entire wine blog award concept by a guy who should actually win for Best Writing on a Wine Blog, check out the HoseMaster of Wine's take.

Our submission is posted below for your entertainment:

We nominate Bruliam Wines – - for the Best Writing On a Wine Blog Award.


1.  We are unabashedly nominating ourselves for this award and plan to use the identical list for at least one other award category nomination. That takes chutzpah.

2.  We have saved a ton of money over the past two years by quitting therapy and blogging about our nascent wine business instead.

3.  To our knowledge we’re the only wine producers who videoed ourselves barrel tasting our wine, declared we hated it, and then still posted the video.

4.  Our 6 year old son is named after a grape varietal, took his cork collection to kindergarten for sharing day, and was a grape farmer last Halloween. One of our four year old daughters can routinely identify pinot vs. zin vs. cab blindly. Her twin sister thinks we’re all crazy and would rather be chasing butterflies. We fully expect them to all hate us when they are teenagers.

5.  Our most popular post this year was titled Wine Blogging Is Dead. Go figure.

6.  We once ate a 1,500 calorie breakfast solely so we could write about it on the blog. The resulting gastrointestinal problems bring new meaning to the axiom that you must suffer for your art.

7.  Both of our mothers love all of our posts. They tell us so regularly.

8.  We managed to piss off an entire AVA before we even released a single bottle of wine.

9.  No joke - all of our profits go to charity. Since we are a start-up and have no profits, we have set aside a big portion of our marketing budget to make regular donations to charities chosen by members of our mailing list.

10.  All of our wine sales are direct-to-consumer via the web. The blog is our only marketing medium, and our business depends on the success of the content we produce. We have learned that blogging with your back to the wall makes one do some very strange things. Like make lists. And write obnoxiously long comments on other blogs.

In all seriousness, we have tremendous respect for the ridiculous amount of work that goes into crafting good wine and writing a good wine blog. We do not believe that we are the best in either realm, although we think we are decent enough at both. We appreciate the opportunity to be considered and, if nothing else, we invite you to check out what we’re doing over at