91 Points!!!

91!!!!! We can’t believe we’re actually typing this, but we’re thrilled to announce that we got our first review back and our Doctor’s Vineyard 2008 Pinot Noir scored a 91 from Wine Enthusiast!

Remember all of those posts we did denigrating the magazine scoring system?  Well, we clearly didn’t know what the heck we were talking about.  In fact, we were just downright stupid.  Magazine ratings rule!

A score of 91 puts us firmly in the “Excellent” category: 

90-94 -- Excellent. Extremely well made and highly recommended.

The score and their full tasting review are going to be published online and in print in the May issue.

We only have a little bit of this wine left so if you haven’t ordered, or if you want to order more, do it now – you can click here to order.

Once the magazine hits, all bets are off!