The Reviews Are In!

A number of you opened your first Bruliam bottle recently and we've been overwhelmed by your feedback.  We're very pleased with how the 2008 Doctor's Vineyard pinot turned out and we're even more pleased that you're all enjoying it so much.   A selection of your reviews are posted below. Just some of the reviews we've received:

We just finally had a nice dinner at home and opened the Bruliam treasure! We LOVE it!!!! What a great wine!!! We'll make sure to share our love for your wine with all of our wino friends. Thank you for making such a great pinot! – J.K.

The wine is excellent!  We drank it on Christmas eve and loved it!  I wish I could offer some enlightened impressions/comments people made but we are not a sophisticated group.  So the gist of it was "Wow it's good" and "Can I have some more?"   We are all super-impressed.  Bravo Bruliam! – K.R.

Congratulations on your beautiful, velvety, delicious wine!  We enjoyed our first bottle during Hanukkah and we just finished the 2nd bottle last night!  Yum!  I am ordering more, if there is more available! – L.G.

Happy New Year!  We just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how blown away we were by the Bruliam Doctor's vineyard.  The wine was one of the best Pinot Noir varietals that I have ever tasted.  My preference is for big bodied, rich, flavorful pinots, and the Bruliam certainly delivered.  Our friends were equally thrilled and I will forward to them the Bruliam link.  –M.K.

Just wanted you to know I brought a bottle of Bruliam to dinner last night I was having with some girlfriends. We loved it! It was so yum, I'm glad I have 5 more bottles! - J.F.

Wow - with fans like that who needs those glossy magazine scores anyways?  Well, obviously we do, which is why we decided to tempt fate and submit the 2008 Doctor's Vineyard to a couple of the major publications for scoring.  If they choose to review the wine, we should have scores in 2-4 months.  Let's keep our fingers crossed!