Wine Blending Video - Part II

Immediately after we finished blending our Anderson Valley Pinot Noir (in case you missed that video, please click here), we began the process all over again for our Doctor's Vineyard Pinot Noir from the Santa Lucia Highlands. We've posted the Doctor's Vineyard tasting / blending video below. If you can't see the video, please click here.



Unlike the Anderson Valley, there was an abundance of fruit on the nose of the Doctor's wine.  So much so, in fact, that we felt we had to dial it back and balance it out in order to arrive at the perfect spot for this wine.

We originally barreled the Doctor's as a blend of 75% 115 clone and 25% calera clone.  During our blending session, we also added in some 667, 2A, and swan clone to make a wine that we truly love. 

We left the winery with a half bottle of each of our newly blended wines and enjoyed them both immensely over dinner that evening.  We can't wait to see how they further develop in barrel over the next two months.  We now expect to bottle the Doctor's Vineyard in August and the Anderson Valley in October or November.  This puts us on track for a late 2009 / early 2010 release date for both wines.