Uccelliera Revisited

We've had an overwhelming response to Kerith's recent post about our adventures at Uccelliera in 2003 and the subsequent naming of our son Bruno.  But one Brigade member took it to a whole new level.

Doris W. happened to be in Italy right after that post came out and she hunted down Andrea Cortonesi at Uccelliera and made sure to get a picture with her Bruliam shirt.  According to Doris, Andrea and his mother both remember us and were delighted at the naming of our son Bruno.  Even his grandmother, who we did not meet on our visit, was enthralled by the story.

Disclaimer:  It is probably appropriate to disclose that brigade member Doris W. also happens to be Bruno's grandmother.  That said, we fully expect this kind of dedication from each and every one of you!