Bruliam Hits the Buschenschank


Thanks to Bruliam members Chiko, Sean, Janet, and Barbara who submitted these pictures from a buschenschank outside of Graz, Austria.

What is a buschenschank you may ask?  Why, it's an 18th century wine tavern, of course.  Buschenschanks began to appear after a decree by Emperor Joseph II in 1784 that allowed wine growers to start selling their own wine, food, and other adult beverages from their properties.  Unfortunately, the same rules don't apply in La Jolla or we would be happy to start selling Bruliam wines out of the side of our house.

If you can't see the pictures, please click here.


Congratulations to November poll winner Karen R.  The $250 prize has been allocated to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.