Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to Crush we go…

The yeast post is going to wait, For harvest we cannot be late.

With brix through the sky

And acid still high

This Tuesday we'll harvest our grapes.


In lieu of my regularly scheduled musings on yeast strains (mmmm, tasty!), I've written a giddy limerick to prod you into joining us on Tuesday September 9th at 12pm at Crushpad's San Francisco facility to sort and destem Bruliam's very first fruit.  Short notice, to be sure, but we encourage any and all Brigade members to join the fun.   If you'd like to join us, please send us a reply e-mail ASAP and we'll provide you the specific details.  If you want to come, be sure to bring a change of clothes and prepare to get purply (purple + dirty).  If you can't join us this time, we'll be harvesting Anderson Valley in late September.

Wine has become a family affair in our house, so I'll leave you with this true anecdote:

Our preschooler sauntered over to the dinner table a couple of nights ago and requested a taste of our wine - in his own glass, of course.  Being good-natured and generous with our bottle, Brian poured him a few thimbles-full in some cheap Ikea stemware.

"Go ahead and taste it," Brian urged.

"No daddy," he scoffed.  "I have to smell it first." 

So our kid gives the wine a vigorous slosh and dives in nose first.

A nose crinkle.

A wrinkle.

A funny look.

Then: silence.

"What does it smell like?" we prodded (tortured with suspense).

"Lemonade," he pronounced with great gravity.  He stole a small sip and headed back to watch the rest of his monster truck video.