Bruliam Gets Political


Brigade member Marie C. sends us this picture from the Balsams Grand Resort in Dixville Notch, NH.  Sound familiar?  For you politicos it should.  The Balsams at Dixville Notch is the location of the first vote in each presidential primary season.  All eligible voters in the village gather at midnight on the opening morning of primary season and cast their votes (17 total votes cast in 2008).  The poll closes 1 minute after midnight and the results are widely reported by the national media.  Why all the attention to these results?  They have an odd record of accurately predicting the ultimate candidates of each party.  Who won in 2008?  Barack Obama for the democrats (7 of 10 votes) and John McCain for the republicans (4 of 7 votes). 

Thanks Marie for the great picture and the opportunity to elevate the discourse of this blog beyond booze and dirty diapers!