Vote For The August Charity Winner!

When we first started the Bruliam Brigade, we could only dream that it would become such a popular feature of this site.  We've given out almost 100 shirts so far and the Tuesday Brigade pictures are by far the most opened and read e-mails.  As the pictures get better and better, the thought of having to choose a monthly winner for the $250 charity prize grows increasingly daunting. So, what better way to exploit the technology of Web 2.0 and foster our sense of community than to let you duke it out among yourselves.  That's right, at least this month we're going to let you vote and choose who will win the $250 for their special charity. 

We've placed an online poll into the bottom of this post (scroll down to see it).  To vote all you need to do is: (1) click on the bullet next to the person's name and (2) click the big VOTE button at the bottom of the poll.  The poll will instantly update the tally and show you the most current results.  If the system works properly, you will only be able to vote once.  But, you can forward the link or this e-mail to as many people as you want to get them to vote for you.

The poll will only be open for voting until 8am on Tuesday September 2nd, so get voting!

If you can't see the poll or vote properly through the e-mail, CLICK HERE and you can vote on the website.

Pending any hanging chads, election disputes, or Tammany Hall-like political gaffes, we'll continue this in the months to come.  Let us know if you like this idea through comments on the site or via reply e-mail.