Even Tommy Trojan Picks Bruliam to Beer, 3:1


The bar has been set!

Many thanks to Seth M. for providing our very first Bruliam t-shirt picture.  Here he proves that even USC students/alumni have a modicum of taste (limited as it may be...Go Bears!).  If you can't see the picture, click here.

For being the first to submit a picture, Seth has won $250 toward a charity of his choice.  We'll let you know what he chooses in a future post.  But the July competition has just begun.  Wear your shirt proudly, and be the next Brigade member to win!

Provide the most interesting or unique picture in your Bruliam shirt and you could win $250 for the charity of your choice.  Many of you have already received your shirts, and the second batch went out in the mail on Monday.   So, by the end of this week all of our Bruliam members should be ready and able to participate.

If you haven't yet signed up to get your Bruliam shirt, click here.

Can you rise to the challenge? 


UPDATE 7/30/08:  Seth has selected Teach For America to receive his $250 donation prize.