Top 5 Reasons to Join the Bruliam Brigade

Drum roll, please: 5.  We won't share your information with anyone.  We will, however, hound you incessantly to buy our wines.

4.  You will get a really cool free T-shirt.  People will find you more attractive when you wear your Bruliam t-shirt.  We promise. 

3.  You will have first priority on buying our wine.  Since we have a very limited production, it is highly likely that only Brigade mailing list members will have an opportunity to purchase our wine.  Signing up is not a commitment to buy anything, you're just holding your place in line.

2.  You can win $250 for your favorite charity.  Take your picture wearing your Bruliam t-shirt and send it to us.  All of the pictures will end up on this page.  Every month the person who sends in the most unique/creative picture will win $250 to allocate to the charity of their choice.

1.  Having your picture on the Internet is awesome.  Just ask Britney, Lindsay, or Paris.