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Torrey Hill Vineyard


Torrey Hill Vineyard is our estate pinot noir vineyard. Located in the Russian River Valley, this vineyard has a long and storied history.  Previously named Two Sisters Vineyard, the date of the original planting remains something of a mystery. Some claims date the first vines to 1953-1955, but it’s more likely to have been planted in the late 1960′s.  The mix of old vine Martini clone and 667 elicit robust red fruit with spice characteristics.  Decades of maturity increase the finesse and nuance of the finished wines.  We acquired this vineyard in 2012, but the beauty of the fruit speaks to 40+ years of development.

The name “Torrey” pays homage to the Torrey Pine, a rare, endangered tree species found exclusively in our native La Jolla.  It also just happens to be the mighty mascot of our high school alma mater, La Jolla Country Day School.  We met there in 10th grade, and yes, we were an undeniably cool bunch of fighting trees!