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Rocky Ridge Vineyard



The rumors are true. I stalked the Mauritson family for months to secure this fruit. It was a full time job. There are lots of them. This family has been procreating in Sonoma County since the 19th century. Rockpile: you all know the facts. Elevation. Fog inversion from Lake Sonoma. Rocky, inhospitable soil. Dry farmed. Low yielding. Intense fruit. A Zinfandel like no other. Bruliam’s ¾ acre parcel is known as “Swale Block.” Chris looked grim when I asked to rename it “Thank-God-You-Finally-Sold-Me-Rockpile-Zin” block. So “Swale Block” stuck. I keep baking Chris’ wife biscotti, so he’s promised me Swale Block fruit for as long as I want to buy it. A handshake deal on a forever lease. That’s just how we like to do business at Bruliam.