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Gap’s Crown Vineyard

Gaps vineyard

Gap’s is back!  In 2009, we made a Gap’s Crown pinot under the “Split Rock” vineyard designation.  But now we’ve joined the Big Leagues and get proper product placement.  We are proud to designate Gap’s Crown as the vineyard of origin since we’re surrounded by such spectacular, well-known winemaking company.  Nestled at the confluence of Sonoma Mountain and the Petaluma Wind Gap, Gap’s Crown vineyard is the apotheosis of Sonoma Coast fruit.  Loamy soil and rocky, hillside terrain promotes drainage and moderates yield.  Coastal fog from San Pablo Bay keeps grapes cool while the Wind Gap breezes mitigate airflow.  The grapes ripen slowly and beautifully, with a gorgeous core of bright berry fruitfulness.  Viticulture is postcard perfect, and the view is worth a million bucks.