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Our Name

Our passion for wine and family imbues everything we do – it is elemental to our lives. Consider our name – BruliamSince cadmium, boron, and polonium were already taken, we had to settle for our own imaginary element. 

But the faces behind the name are very real; “Bruliam” is actually an amalgamation of our three children’s names – Bruno, Lily, and Amelia.  But rather than sell out our adorable kin to shamelessly promote our brand, we settled for a logo that riffs on The Periodic Table of Elements. One part nerdiness plus two equivalents love and passion makes for great wine.

At Bruliam, we live the dream.  We hang out in our yard, under a huge tree hugged by grapevines on all sides.  We bake hot, homemade pizzas in a backyard pizza oven, surrounded by our family and friends who toast us with goblets of Bruliam vino.  (Well…almost the dream.  We’re still waiting for the pizza oven.  And goblets we never got from the wedding registry.  And some friends.)